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M​ae and The Department Store team at Squire and Partners worked together to create a bespoke range of tableware for their brand new Brixton restaurant, Upstairs. 

We worked closely with the head chef to curate a range of plates and bowls to serve their signature sharing dishes on. A minimal approach with a muted colour palette featured matte charcoal, satin whites and a little hint of pink, which accented the qualities of the raw ceramic, left intentionally unglazed to show off the natural beauty and simplicity of the material. 

Their logo was turned into a stamp, which was embossed onto the underside of each piece, alongside the Mae makers mark. 

Each piece was made with much love and care, either on the wheel or with a slab of clay. From weighing and wedging each ball of clay to the final finishing sanding of each pot, everything was done by hand by the maker behind Mae Ceramics, Lilly Maetzig, in her South East London studio. 

Visit Upstairs and see the ceramics in person, surrounded by the copper and the greens of the beautiful space and indulge in some incredible food that the restaurant has to offer. 

Upstairs at The Department Store

Food images courtesy of James Jones, all others courtesy of Lilly Maetzig.

Please do not use these images without written permission.

Bespoke restaurant tableware / / 

The Department Store at Squire and Partners Architects

 quickly get a roller and spread it out

2017 was the year that I decided to pursue ceramics full time. Before this, I'd split my time between ceramics, a lovely coffee shop, and a couple of galleries. I also moved out of my shared studio and set up my own space in Brockley. It was a cold space but I painted the floor pink and made it my home for a year.

Shiboridashi and teabowl sets / / 

Aesthetic Societea

Aesthetic Societea is the online resource for artisan loose leaf tea sourced from small tea farms. They have curated a selection of high quality teas, that are nourishing for both the body and mind and can be savoured as a health and beauty elixir. 

They believe in going back to the basics and celebrate the pure, unscented, exquisite flavours of the finest loose leaf teas.

With this in mind, Mäe and Aesthetic Societea curated a small batch of single serve shiboridashi pots, and accompanying teabowls.

Each pot, lid and bowl was handmade from scratch, with a freckled stoneware clay. They have all been glazed in satin white and shell pink, with raw ceramic as contrast. 

A shiboridashi is a traditional Japanese teapot, in which a single serve tea is brewed from whole leaves. The entirety of the tea is then poured into the teabowl. 

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