Frequently asked questions

When are more ceramics going to be in stock?

Thanks for your interest in our ceramics. They are all made in small batches by one person, and currently we aim to do a store update once a month. Check on Instagram to see when the next one is going to be. Don't forget to sign up to our mailing list which will give you early access.

Oh man, I missed out on the thing I wanted to buy!

Damn, we're really sorry. We're working on adding a waiting list option to the site so that you can let us know what you want more of, however at the moment it is a first in best dressed (or cupped?) situation. Make sure you're signed up to our mailing list for early access to shop updates.

Can I order a specific thing in a different colour?

Maaaybe - we can do bespoke items if it's part of a larger order, please get in touch about minimum order quantities. There is a charge for bespoke work as we need to do some experimenting in the studio to get what you're after. Flick us an email with your ideas. Please note - we can generally only work within our range of glazes and clay bodies, if you're after something that is brand new, we can only do this if it's within our general palette.

I've seen something on Pinterest / another shop / this cool book, can you make it for me?

Sadly not. The process of ceramics is very long, and the process of trial and error to get to a point where we're happy with form, glaze, colour, etc is even longer. We also are very much not into copying work, so if you like something from another artist or maker, please do support them!

Can I wholesale your products?

Hey! Sure! Please get in touch with us for details on minimum order quantities, a pricelist, and any other questions.


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