Sorry pals, workshops are closed for a couple of months whilst I work on orders. They'll be available again later in the year / early next year. x

Single Sessions / A group of pals having a clay based party

2 hours / whenever you want

Single sessions are for two hours whenever you'd like. You can choose the time and the date that suits you and your group! Cool.

In your workshop, we will look at 3 types of handbuilding technique and you can choose one for me to teach you, and then you can get making a little set of ceramic things to take home. You could make a set of cups, salt and pepper dishes, a wee selection of bowls, some candle holders, whatever.

I will fire them once they're dried, and then glaze them from your selection off the glaze swatches. You can then pick them up in around 4 weeks.

If you'd like to bring snacks and bubbles or whatever you're very welcome to!

Prices are as follows:

1-3 people: £60 per person
4-5 people: £55 per person
6-8 people: £50 per person

Please make sure to email me prior to booking to ensure that the time and date you're after are available.
Sadly 8 people is the maximum amount of people due to space constraints.

One on one throwing lessons

£70 for one session (2 hours) / £120 for two sessions (2 hours each) 

Beginners only

If you have never thrown before but you've always dreamed of scenes like that one from Ghost, come and spend two hours with me in my studio. It probably won't be as romantic as that, but you can make some cool pots.


We will focus on the basic techniques of throwing pots; centering, opening and pulling walls, to make some simple bowl and cup shapes. As the sessions are one on one, I will be sitting with you as you make and giving you pointers along the way. Demonstrations and help are right at your fingertips. 

If you have thrown on the wheel a few times, one on one sessions help to hone in on your existing skills and quickly improve. 

I suggest that at least two sessions are booked, so that thrown pots can be trimmed, and we can go over adding handles. 

If only one session is booked, I will clean up the base of your pot before firing. 

Extra sessions will include glazing. 

You can select a glaze from the glaze swatches, and I will glaze your pot for you in your chosen colour. 

You work will be ready in three weeks for pick up. 

Price includes all materials, handling and firing costs.

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