For the past two years, I've marked Pride Month by selling handpainted rainbow tumblers, donating the profits towards the wonderful London charity, The Outside Project.


The Outside Project is a homeless/crisis shelter & Community Centre in response to those within the LGBTIQ+ community who feel endangered, who are homeless, ‘hidden’ homeless & feel that they are on the outside of services due to historical & present prejudice in society & in their homes.'


It's a very raw time for many homeless queer folx, firstly with the pandemic, and for homeless QPOC, with the civil rights protests going on in the US. It's a reminder of the Stonewall Riots in June 1969. We have that  community of LGBTQIA+ protesters to thank for the rights we have today. 


This year I'm changing the design a little, and I'm very happy to have partnered with Australian based queer / designer/ illustrator / tattooer, Jes Hoskin. Jes has kindly donated her illustration to the 2020 Pride Cups. Rather than hand painting the cups like I've done in the past, we'll be using decals this year. It's a cool process which allows a design to be printed on special paper, which is applied to the glazed ceramic and fired for a third time to adhere it to the glazed surface. 


For the last two years, we've been able to donate £300 each year. I'd love to donate the same again or more this year! 50% of the price of the cup will be donated to the project. I will cover some of the cost of the cups with the remaining 50%.

Note: This is a pre-order! Orders are being taken now, and they will be made throughout the month and shipped off early July in two batches.

9.5h x 9w cm
All measurements are approximate.

Made with a speckled stoneware clay and food safe glazes.
Handwash is advised, microwaves and ovens are discouraged. Handmade with lots of love in London.

PRE ORDER: Pride Cup



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