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Nice wide pasta bowl with a glazed interior and a raw freckle exterior, with a friendly footring at the bottom.


6h x 20w cm.

All dimensions are approximate.


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    Made with a speckled stoneware clay and food safe glazes.

    Handwash is advised, microwaves and ovens are discouraged. Handmade with lots of love in London.

    PRE-ORDER / Pasta Bowl

    • What's glaze? Good question!

      It's pretty much just a colour choice for you. Technically, it's a layer of glass, basically, which sits on top of the clay. It adds durability to the piece, but is also a decoration.


      Glaze options info section



      Chalk White

      Satin White

      Sage Green

      Kol Red



      Please see our glaze colour guide for help with choosing colours.  



      *for ridge cups below does not apply. They are all glazed to the ridge line.*

      Each colour of glaze has a different application style and generally is chosen for what suits the glaze and pot the best.

      If you'd like a specific finish, please specify in the 'application style' box. If you don't mind, please leave this empty.  


      -inside only + raw outside

      -inside + partial dip

      -fully glazed