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Please note - this is a pre-order and your items will be made to order. Please see below for more info. 


Usually Mae Ceramics have multiple uses - a cup can be a cup and a pen holder, a bowl can have nuts or it can have trinkets - but a citrus squeezer really does have one job. Although there's no limit to the different types of said citrus! You've go lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit, yuzu...


Made with a freckle stoneware clay and food safe glazes.

Handwash is advised, microwaves and ovens are discouraged. Handmade with lots of love in London.


MAED TO ORDER - How does this work?

1. Choose the product you'd like.
2. For each product, choose the glaze colour you'd like.
3. For each product, choose the glaze application you'd like.*

4. Use the menu to help choose colours + finishes, or you can leave these blank for a surprise. 
5. That's it!

We'll get to making your piece(s) asap. As they are made to order, there will be a delay in receiving the pieces. Please allow up to 12 weeks, but it's very likely to arrive with you before then.

This page will help you choose glaze colours and applications. 

*Please note, lemon juicers are only available in fully glazed.

Lemon Juicer / MAED TO ORDER

Glaze colour
  • What's glaze? Good question!

    It's pretty much just a colour choice for you. Technically, it's a layer of glass, basically, which sits on top of the clay. It adds durability to the piece, but is also a decoration.


    Glaze options info section



    Chalk White

    Satin White

    Sage Green

    Kol Red



    Please see our glaze colour guide for help with choosing colours.  



    *for ridge cups below does not apply. They are all glazed to the ridge line.*

    Each colour of glaze has a different application style and generally is chosen for what suits the glaze and pot the best.

    If you'd like a specific finish, please specify in the 'application style' box. If you don't mind, please leave this empty.  


    -inside only + raw outside

    -inside + partial dip

    -fully glazed

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