Dealing with a global pandemic is hard work. Busy your hands and give your lovely, but probably stressed, mind a break by focussing on making some pots at home for a little while. 

Learn the entire process of working with clay at home, from the initial design to the final glaze. I take you through the basics of setting up a workspace, making your first pots, and then into making a final vessel. I'd love for you to join me.


Learn more and sign up to my course here!

This course goes very well with my Home Maed Clay Kit. Get yourself clay and access to glazing and firing, as well as some other cool bits. Read more about my clay kit and purchase it here 

If you are looking for places to fire your work as part of my Domestika course, head over here for a big list of worldwide firing services.

Note: I am not teaching in person classes for a while, sorry mates.